Reflections: Senior Thesis Exhibit

Art Education Majors and Art and Design Media Majors enrolled in the Studio Concentration Seminar and Studio Exhibition Seminar are exhibiting their thesis projects on this site. These seminars expose students to the demands and rewards of professional studio practice in the visual arts. Over the course of a semester, students articulate and develop an independent body of work in the medium of their choice. This is accomplished in consultation with the instructor and a mentor in the student’s chosen field of study. There is an extensive written/research component to the course.

The objective of this experience is that students develop a personal working knowledge of the creative process that is independent of the usual structure of studio classes where assignments are given and evaluated. This seminar is student led–while guidance is provided the aesthetic direction and development of the work you see here has been the participant’s choice alone. I have been impressed by the tenacity and drive of this group; all the more impressive in the face of the disruptions and stresses of the Covid 19 Pandemic.