Emma Chauvette

“Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary.” Amedee Ozenfant 

The reflection of my college years studying art at UNE are concluded here with all of my favorite works. The sum of these works add up to where I stand now as an artist; I am emerging slowly into an artist. I say this as if just simply creating a work of art does not define someone as an “artist” which is how I have felt for most of my years studying art. There seemed to always be a shame in creating something, as if it were never good enough, a constant comparison to the person next to me. I have come to the realization that we are all artists: that being an artist is not only defined by picking up a pencil and creating marks, but by the ways that we live in everyday life and the things that spark creativity or inspiration. And so this is what my art starts to represent, it is a reflection of my journey in life, containing a sense of self-reflection and self-relief.

“Be That Girl”, May 2019
Oil on Wood
24″ x 15″
“Field Day”, September 2019
Mixed media; Acrylic print
14.4″ x 22″

 My constant longing for the extraordinary has inspired this work. It is a celebration of difference, in terms of the natural world and its juxtaposition with cultural constructs. Society is often opposed to differences, to images and ways of being that do not conform to popular culture. My work is a representation of these “natural” contrasts and the tension that lies within it is a fight for what society rarely views as “beautiful.” Within my art, I find beauty in opposition and difference, and as they work together, they create something better than when seen alone. I enjoy creating contrasts by playing with harsh line against soft, or the use of complementary colors and bright patterns. I intend to spread my perspective of positivity, humor, and beauty. 

“Pup Fiction”, February 2020
Acrylic on wood
24″ x 24″
“Bingo Night” September 2019
Mixed media; Acrylic Print
22″ x 14.5″

My work reflects the constant ins and outs of inspiration running through my brain, as we see a creative side to my work, within fun patterns or use of bright colors. A sense of realism is present yet abstract elements often take over to create a work thriving on contrast. I am attracted to this contrast, juxtaposition and change; and the way that these experiences can contradict themselves to create simple, cohesive “aesthetically pleasing” compositions. In this my work contains a sense of rawness, a result of unlikely elements coming together. This relationship creates a dynamic work as the two elements are projected by one another, creating a complex, yet interesting appeal designed to incite the imagination.

“Turn Around” May 2020
Acrylic on wood
24″ x 24″
“Ol’ man Irony”, May 2018
(‘George’, ‘Otis’, ‘Burt’)
Mixed Media Print
15″ x 11″ each