A Virtual Nutrition Program for Healthful Aging

Nutritionist, Susan Newkirk, prepares peach salsa.
Nutritionist and presenter, Susan Newkirk, prepares peach salsa – a featured recipe in this training series. This program is made possible through a grant from the US Administration for Community Living. Learn more.

Welcome the University of New England’s “Ten Tips for Adults” virtual training in nutrition for healthful aging!

This free training program includes eight video modules and associated handout materials, including a detailed cookbook covering featured recipes and many others. See modules 1-8 below. View at your own pace!

When you finish Module 8, click on “Finished” to take the post-survey. Questions? Email us.

Module 1 Video (note – replace with Susan’s final #1 video)

When you have finished viewing the Module 8 video, please click FINISHED to complete the post-training survey.

Module & Handout Links
Video 1 / Handout 1
Video 2 / Handout 2
Video 3 / Handout 3
Video 4 / Handout 4
Video 5 / Handout 5
Video 6 / Handout 6
Video 7 / Handout 7
Video 8 / Handout 8