CEAH Online Program Descriptions Fall 2021

Every Tuesday: Peer Connections 1
1 hour drop in fellowship time. Share experiences, discuss ideas and learn from each other.

Every Wednesday Beginning 9/8/21: Peer Connections 2
1 hour facilitated peer support and fellowship meeting. Share experiences, discuss ideas for self-care, and learn from others.

9/17/21 – UNE Art Gallery Tour
Join UNE’s Gallery & Exhibitions Director, Hilary Irons, for a guided tour of the most recent exhibit at the UNE Art Gallery on the Portland Campus, The Permanent Photography Collection: Recent Acquisitions in the Stephen K. Halpert Photography Collection at UNE.

9/21/21 Sustainability Is for Everyone!
Building a more sustainable and equitable future is a daunting task. Events like the UN Climate Conference (COP 26) and ambitious plans such as “Maine Won’t Wait” create visions for these futures at an international, national and state level. But what can we do, as individuals, to make choices in our homes that are more sustainable? And how can we use our voices as consumers and citizens to advocate for the future we would like our children and grandchildren to live? Join us for an interactive workshop with Holly Parker, PhD, Director of UNE North-Institute of North Atlantic Studies, using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to envision and activate a brighter, more resilient future. 

10/15/21 – Smile You’re on Telehealth: Preparing for Your Next Visit
Join us for a conversation with Dr. Nan Solomons, Director, Center for Excellence in Digital Health, around the topic of Telehealth visits. Have you had a telehealth visit before? How was it? What made it good or bad? Give us your experience and learn what your doctor deals with as well.

10/22/21 – CEAH Update for Legacy Scholars: Research, Outreach & Other Fun Facts
Join Tom Meuser, PhD and our CEAH Team to hear about the exciting things happening in our center, at UNE, and in our outreach activities.

10/26/21 – The Impact of COVID-19 on Communication in Aging Adults
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our lives, including our communication with others. Although mask wearing has proven essential for reducing the spread of COVID, masks have made it more difficult to converse with others. The pandemic has resulted in fewer opportunities for social interaction, which can take a toll on our communication and overall wellness. Communication and cognition can also be impacted by post-COVID conditions. Join us for a conversation about communication challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic with Katherine Noyes, MS, CCC-SLP, CBIS, RYT-200, speech-language pathologist and owner of Lotus Speech & Wellness, LLC.

11/12/21 – All About the Breath – Yoga for Better Breathing – No Yoga Mat Required!
Join Dr. Stacey Pierce-Talsma, D.O., M.S., FNAOME as this session focuses on all the parts of our bodies that help us to breathe deeply and will gently stretch our bodies as we learn about the healthiest ways to breath. Please wear comfortable clothes to this all-levels class and be sure you have room to sit on a chair and stand during the session. This class should help you relax and breathe easy!

11/15/21 – Healthy Eating for the Holidays
Eating healthy through the holidays is all about enjoyment and feeling great! Join Lori A. Kaley, MS, RDN, LD, MSB of UNE and discuss how traditional holiday foods can be a part of healthy holiday celebrations. Attention will be given to meeting the special nutrient needs of senior adults.   

12/10/21 – Wish of a Lifetime
Since 2008, Wish of a Lifetime‘s mission has been to change the way society views and values our oldest generations. It does this by granting “experience wishes” for individuals 65 and older and then sharing their stories to inspire those of all ages. To date, it has granted over 2,000 wishes nationwide. Join Pat Pinto as she presents an overview of the organization, discuss the types of wishes they grant with examples, it’s nominee qualifications, and how you can work with her to suggest Mainers you know to be considered for this fabulous honor and experience. 

12/15/2021 – CEAH Holiday Celebration
The party must go on! We were so sad to have to cancel our in-person Holiday Open House but we would love to celebrate this year and the holiday season with you online. We can’t provide the goodies but we can provide the cheer! Please join us for fellowship on zoom as we talk and celebrate and even sing along as Charlie Grindle plays for us. We look forward to seeing you all there!