Funded Projects 2018-2020

  • Yang Kang, DDS PhD, Informed Decision Making for Geriatric Patients in a University Dental Clinical Setting, 6/1/19-8/31/20
  • Shaista Rashid, BDS, MS, Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) in Arresting Caries around Crown Margins in Older Adults, 6/1/19-9/31/20
  • Mohamed ElSalhy, BMS, BDM, MSc, MPH, PhD, FRCD(C), Oral Health Status of Community-Dwelling Older Adults in the State of Maine, 6/1/19-8/31/21
  • Julie Longua Peterson, PhD, The Self and Daily Life in Older Adults, 6/1/19-8/31/20
  • Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour, PhD, The Use of Digital Text and Print in Older and Younger Adults, 6/1/19-8/31/20
  • Chakrayarthy Sadacharan, PhD, Assessment of Symptoms and Functional Measures in Sedentary Older Adults after Performing Various Eccentric Exercise Intensity Protocols, 6/1/19-8/31/20
  • Marilyn Gugliucci, PhD, Healthspan Extension in the Vet2Vet Program, 6/1/19-8/31/20