CEAH OnlineProgram Descriptions for Winter 2021

Peer Connections – 1 hour facilitated peer support and fellowship meetings. How has COVID-19 impacted you? Share experiences, discuss ideas for self-care, and learn from others.

3/8/21 – Follow Up to “Priorities for Earth’s Future”
Join the follow up discussion to our session that took place on February 23, “Priorities for Earth’s Future: Perspectives from Gen Z and Baby Boomers.” We will be joined by our Legacy Scholar panelists, Maureen O’Donnell, Nancy Jenkins and Dave Mokler, along with Alethea Carridi, UNE’s Assistant Director of Sustainability.

3/18/21 – Zero Waste Cooking
Come learn from one of our Legacy Scholars, Star Pelsue, about the roots, stems and tops of plants we typically toss out. 1.6 billion of edible food is wasted around the globe. Have you tried carrot top chimichurri? She will share with you her challenge of using every bit of a plant that is edible and why she challenged herself to no waste cooking. This challenge opened her eyes. She now uses a different eye when at the farmers market as well as when she plants her veggie garden. 

3/19/21 – Feminist Music, Helen Reddy & Aretha Franklin
MSW student, Wes Covey, will facilitate this discussion. Join us for an informal discussion about the role of women in popular music and the effects music has had on feminist movements. The discussion will focus on two particular songs: Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman,” and “Respect,” most associated with Aretha Franklin but with a somewhat surprising backstory. Wes will encourage an interactive discussion but will also be prepared to talk about the role of women in music ranging from blues to gospel to punk rock.

3/24/21 – There is No Away!
Remember that bumper sticker? Kay Herr Gillespie, PhD, Professor Emeritus at Colorado State University, will lead us to consider issues related to our trash and to the “Four R’s” – Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Refuse. What are some statistics? What about “in our own bakyard?” What are our responsibilities – if any, and what action might we take?

3/29/21 – Presentation from the UNE Art Gallery , Speculative Histories & Material Culture
Gallery and Exhibitions Director Hilary Irons will discuss the current exhibition in the UNE Art Gallery, “Speculative Histories & Material Culture”.  Focusing on the collection of African Masks and artifacts on loan from the Museum of African Culture. We will talk about color, form, and the depiction of people in different cultural contexts. Specific information about the masks themselves will lend context.

4/2/21 – Social Movements & Music
Join MSW Students as they lead the discussion, exploring the differences and similarities of generational social movements such as Civil Rights and Black Lives Matter and making a connection to popular music.

4/12/21 – Cultural Norms, Then & Now
Join MSW students as they lead the discussion, exploring the differences and similarities of cultural norms over generations.

4/14/21 – Rumination: Getting Unstuck When Your Mind Gets Hooked 
Join Dr. Hillary Powell as she discusses ruminative thinking and its impacts on our health and happiness. We will discuss ways to identify thoughts that hook you into the rumination cycle, and practice research-backed strategies for disrupting ruminative thinking.  

4/15/21 – Preparing for Retirement/Session 1
Soon to retire?  Or just wondering how to prepare for the day when you are soon to retire?  Join us and our friend, Kerry Keating of Modern Woodmen, and learn about the many considerations associated with retiring, as well as products available (benefits of each type), and tools you can use to get yourself where you want to be!  Interactive, informational session: come with questions in hand!
**This session is purely for informational purposes and is part of Modern Woodmen’s wish to volunteer and make an impact on their community.

4/16/21 – Art Through the Decades
Join MSW students as they take a fun look at popular art from 1935 to 2021, followed by some interactive art drawing.

4/22/21 – Retired from Work; not from LIFE!/Session 2
Recently retired, or soon-to-be retired and want to learn ways to stretch your savings?  Need to assess how far your retirement savings will last, and how you can afford to do all the things you want to do during retirement? Come to an interactive & informational session facilitated by our friend, Kerry Keating of Modern Woodmen, that will help you determine ways to leverage your retirement dollars so that you can worry less and enjoy it more!
**This session is purely for informational purposes and is part of Modern Woodmen’s wish to volunteer and make an impact on their community.