Planetary Health at UNE

The Planetary Health Council at UNE has been working over recent years to build initiatives that will make our community more conscious of how our actions impact the health of the planet as well as find new ways to integrate global health into studies at our university.

This past Monday, December 10th, the Planetary Health Council Executive Body held a strategic planning workshop to look for opportunities within UNE’s strategic plan for synergies with Planetary Health (PH). There were many great ideas brought to the table from various departments within UNE. To organize our ideas we had posters on the wall with the different priorities from the strategic plan indicated. Below are these priorities:

Priority 1 – Exceptional Teaching and Learning

Performance Indicator 1 – Focus teaching and learning around the development and integration of habits of mind, discipline-based knowledge, and professional competencies.

Performance Indicator 2 – Create new high-quality experiential learning opportunities and deepen their integration with academic curricula, with the goal that all UNE students engage in at least one top-tier experiential learning opportunity during their academic program.

Performance Indicator 3 – Create distinctive interdisciplinary and inter-professional programs as well as collaborative practices across our colleges and departments.

Priority 2 – Increased Enrollment, Progress to Graduation, and Lifelong Learning

Performance Indicator 4 – Establish new programs and credentials that add value for current students, generate interest among prospective students, and attract alumni and other adult learners seeking to continue professional and personal development.

Priority 3 – Focused Research and Scholarship

Performance Indicator 1 – Identify focal areas of research and scholarship that will distinguish UNE and have priority for future investment, faculty recruitment, and external fundraising.

Performance Indicator 2 – Increase meaningful student involvement in research and scholarship.

Priority 5 – Engagement with Local, Regional, and Global Partners

Performance Indicator 1 – Enhance our international presence to build students’ global competence and cultural humility.

Performance Indicator 2 – Encourage committed engagement with the communities around UNE.