Upcoming Events for Students

AgingME GWEP Virtual Visit: The Cedars

Friday, October 22, 1:30pm

Please join us for this interdisciplinary visit! We will meet Nick Viti, Life Enrichment Manager, who will introduce us to The Cedars, a multi level retirement community in Portland. The Cedars fosters a holistic approach to creating meaningful wellbeing for all its residents and Nick has been an integral part of implementing significant programs, including multiple intergenerational activities.


Please contact Polly Madson Cox, LCSW, AgingME GWEP Field Unit Coordinator, for more information: polly.madson@maine.edu

AgingME GWEP Lunch & Learn Series

Friday, November 5, 12:00 – 1:00pm

Older adults and the Challenges that Stem from Substance Use Disorders

Presented by Richard Gilbert, LCSW, CCS, LADC, ACSW Clinician at Brewer Medical Center, PCHC

This presentation will explore and define addiction and connect this to the experience(s) of the
older adult. We will look at statistics that portray the platform of addiction that impacts the older
adult within Maine and the US. Screening tools will also be looked at to help with identification of a SUD (Substance Use Disorder).

Contact Polly Madson Cox with any questions polly.madson@maine.edu


Friday, October 1, 12:00 – 1:00pm

We Are More Than Our Gray Hair: Rethinking How We View Age and Aging in Health & Social Service Settings

Presented by Mary Lou Ciolfi, JD, MS, Program Manager, University of Maine Center on Aging

Our ageist tendencies run deep and it is still acceptable to speak and act in ways that are overtly and covertly ageist. This session will explore the history of our social constructions of aging and older people and review the growing science on the harmful health impact of age stereotypes and our bias, prejudice, and outright discrimination against older people. We will consider the current best practices offered by the national Reframing Aging Initiative on how
we can address ageism in ourselves and in our health and social service settings.

Also check out Online Offerings for Health Professionals to see if there is anything that interests you. Many of the online trainings and webinars are free and there is no requirement of credentials or professional status to participate.