TECH TRANSFER – “THINGS I WISH I KNEW” of Bioentrepreneurship 2021 Series- October 7, 12 – 1pm EST | Free

In this “Things I Wish I Knew” series, we will learn from prominent scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors about their successes, struggles, and the things they wished they knew before starting their journey.


This “tech transfer” edition of our webinar series on Bioentrepreneurship will be a conversation between Dr Thomas Utley (Vanderbilt University) and Dr Andrea Taylor (Edinburgh Innovations). They will discuss their career paths from research into tech transfer/business development roles. We will further discuss the role of their respective departments in translating academic discoveries into meaningful collaborations between academia, industry and life science investors. We will highlight some of the key challenges in tech transfer and translation of academic discoveries and compare and contrast innovative solutions to these challenges.