Faculty Spotlight: Clay Graybeal, Ph.D.

At UNE, alongside dedication to teaching excellence, our social work faculty are also involved in collaborative research projects, presentations, and ongoing interprofessional work in the community.  Our faculty spotlight today is Clay Graybeal, PhD.

Clay Graybeal, Ph.D., has had a busy fall.  He partnered with Kathryn Brandt, D.O., of the UNE College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Brian DeSantis, Psy.D., from Peak Vista Community Health in Colorado, and Barry Duncan, Psy.D., of Better Outcomes Now to complete a study (an ongoing collaboration over the past few years) that validates two new patient-centered feedback measures designed to enhance the alliance in medical settings, the Provider Alliance Scale, and the Wellness Rating Scale.  Clay, along with Kat and Brian, presented their findings: The Validation of Ultra-Brief, Patient Feedback Measures Intended to Improve the Care of Chronic Illnesses in Primary Care”,  at the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association 20thAnnual Conference, Rochester, NY, on October 19.

In addition to this, Clay has been collaborating with Harmony Stratton, MD, and the week following his Rochester presentation, he presented SBIRT: Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral for Treatmentat the Southern Maine Harm Reduction Conference at UNE.

Amy Patterson, Doug Oliver, and Clay

Amy Patterson, Doug Oliver, and Clay Graybeal

Most recently, Clay traveled to Washington D.C., with Doug Oliver, MSW (UNE ’94), founder and CEO of the Regenerative Outcomes Foundation.  They had meetings with Gary Gibbons, Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and Amy Patterson, Chief Science Adviser and Director of Scientific Research Programs, to discuss potential opportunities to integrate patient-centered behavioral health services into newly emerging stem cell treatment protocols.

Clay, Doug Oliver, and Barry Gibbons
Clay Graybeal, Doug Oliver, and Gary Gibbons

In addition to Clay’s plethora of academic pursuits, he also fuels his creativity as a playwright.   This autumn, Clay’s play, “SEAL” kicked off Brunswick Maine’s, The Theater Project’s, season.  Seal was inspired by experiences working in a private psychiatric hospital with a veteran.  Through his plays, he often combines reality from his life as a social worker with imagined fiction.

Clay continues his academic collaborations and artistic endeavors alongside his work here as social work faculty to students.  We are excited to see what new projects lie on the horizon! Stay tuned!

Featured image: Kat Brandt and Clay Graybeal with one of their research collaborators, Brian DeSantis at the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association conference.