What is the Social Work Student Organization?

If you’re looking for more ways to connect with fellow MSW students while on campus….

 Join the School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO)!

The SSWSO promotes a sense of community among MSW students while also provides them with a platform through which they can organize and voice their opinions to help guide program development.  Students hold regular meetings, plan educational and social events, and connect with students in other academic departments at UNE.

“The SSWSO team this year did a great job working together as a collaborative team. We worked together to share power, responsibilities and take action. From organizing a voting drive to supporting faculty with a social justice summit, we collaborated to effect change on the UNE campus as well as in the greater community,” shares  SSWSO Co-President Abi Maycock.

Abi shares presidential responsibilities with fellow MSW student, Joshua Deane.  Responsibilities include scheduling and facilitating SSWSO meetings and serving as the first point of contact for most professors, administration, peers and others from the UNE community.  They delegate and organize responsibilities and procedures and strive to represent the needs, feedback and opinions of their student cohort.

When you enroll in the School of Social Work, you automatically become a member of the SSWSO, and we encourage you to become actively involved through participating in our various Committees. These include committees dedicated to:

  • Social Events
  • Orientation
  • Self Care
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Commencement
  • Social Work Appreciation Month

One can additionally become officer if they desire.  Currently, 7 MSW students serve as officer members:

Erin King and Christine Brome serve as Co-Vice Presidents.  “I have loved being able to collaborate with students on ways our class can make a difference here on campus and out in our communities. Whether helping fellow classmates with funding to go to a conference or training, or through putting together a dynamic panel to facilitate a discussion about intersections of aging and diversity — it’s been wonderful being part of the SSWSO team,” she reflects.

Geoffrey Brewer is Treasurer. “Many people think that the job of a Treasurer is to say ‘no’ to all the great, expensive ideas that students come up with for programs and activities” he shares. “To a certain extent, this is true: it’s important that there be at least one voice in the room pushing for fiscal responsibility.  However, my favorite part of being the SSWSO Treasurer was all the times I got to say ‘yes’ and give students money to help them pursue educational opportunities as well as enrich our learning here at UNE.  SSWSO exists to serve the student body, and while we sometimes had to make tough choices in exercising financial restraint, more often than not, we were able to use our assets to support other students or improve the quality of UNE programming. Watching over the financial health of the student organization is a big task, but it’s an important one, and I’m delighted I was able to represent our student body in this way.

Lila Maycock serves as Secretary and is also on the Graduate and Professional Student Affairs (GAPSA) Council.  “From my time being a GAPSA Councilor and a member of SSWSO, I’ve gained a sense of solidarity with my peers, confidence in advocating for my cohort’s priorities, and experience in creating and facilitating a panel discussion” she shares.

As secretary, she attends SSW-SO meetings detailing notes of everything discussed, which she then reports at GAPSA Council meetings.  It is the role of the Councilor to serve as the liaison between GAPSA and SSWSO.  She is also responsible for reaching out to her cohort for collaborative decision making ensuring the democratic process takes place.

Aschel Gregory serves as a GAPSA Social Work representative as well.  Being a School of Social Work Senator provided opportunities to connect with the larger UNE community,” she shares.  “Because Senators from the various WCHP Portland Campus programs meet bi-weekly, I was able to form friendships with people from other programs while working to enact campus wide change.  It was especially cool to see the ways in which we as Senators were able to influence the Portland Campus in just the short year that I served as a liaison between SSWSO and GAPSA.”

“It’s powerful working with fellow social work students who truly care about advocating for the needs of our cohort and helping to make change happen.” – Erin King, Co-VP

As a member of the SSWSO you are also invited to participate in the monthly School Meeting of all Social Work faculty and staff, and to participate on the following faculty committees:

  • Curriculum
  • Admissions
  • Student Development
  • Alumni
  • Program Assessment

Officers are happy to answer any questions you have.  Names and Contact info are below:

Abi Maycock

Joshua Deane

Co-Vice President(s)
Christine Brome

Erin King

Secretary and GAPSA Counselor
Lila Maycock

GAPSA Senator
Aschel Gregory

Geoff Brewer

For more information about how to get involved with SSWSO, check out our website here: SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK STUDENT ORGANIZATION