Think you’re too busy for an MSW Program? Try our hybrid courses!

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Are you yearning for hands-on in class experiences, but don’t think you have the time for an on-campus program?  You’ve come to the right place!

Join our MSW on-campus program option and try out our HYBRID COURSES!

What are hybrid courses? 

Hybrid courses blend face-to-face and online learning  within a course to accommodate  for students’ busy lives without sacrificing a desire to have face-to-face experiences.  Courses meet once every third week in person and the remainder of the course material is taught online through Blackboard.  *Note: A hybrid course is not the same as a “Hybrid Program,” which blends fully online courses with fully on campus courses.  Hybrid courses are individual courses that offer online/face-2-face blending within the individual courses.  Hybrid courses are offered as part of our on-campus program option.

How often do students meet on campus?

Hybrid courses meet once every third week throughout the semester.  This means students generally meet in-person 6 times  in an entire semester.

Regardless of whether students are enrolled in fully on campus courses or hybrid courses, ALL on-campus students conduct their first week of classes online (this is noted as “Week 0”).  During this introductory week the online learning platform, Brightspace, officially opens and students are required to review the syllabus and any other materials emailed or posted by their instructor.  Hybrid courses meet face-2-face on-campus the following two weeks and then just once every third week for the remainder of the semester.

Which MSW courses are offered as hybrid courses?

We aim to offer ALL our required courses as hybrid courses each semester.  Elective options may or may not be offered as hybrid courses- this will vary semester to semester.  To see which courses are offered as hybrid Fall 2019, download our Fall 2019 MSW Campus Schedule  (note: schedule may be subject to change prior to start of the semester).

Can I take both hybrid courses AND fully on campus courses at the same time?

Yes! You can take as many or as few hybrid courses as you’d like.  Our fully on-campus courses meet once a week for 2 hours and 20 minutes.   Many of our students mix and match courses to best meet their scheduling needs.

How do I sign up for hybrid courses?

You sign up for hybrid courses exactly the same way you would sign up for your fully on campus courses.   All courses (hybrid and fully on campus courses) will be available for selection during the registration process.  You simply select the courses you’d like to enroll in.  Your academic adviser will be available to help if you have any questions at the time.

Hybrid courses give you the in-person connections you desire without sacrificing the flexibility you need.

We know many individuals prefer the on-campus face-2-face learning experience but have difficultly making it work with their busy lives.   UNE School of Social Work’s on-campus program option is a unique, inclusive, student-centered social work program nestled in the vibrant coastal city of Portland, Maine that offers a values-based curriculum rooted in face-to-face experiences and multiple, flexible pathways to ensure that our MSW degree is attainable for all who aspire to make the world a better place, despite their busy schedules!

What our students think of hybrid courses:

“It gave me the flexibility.  As a single mom, there was no other way I could have done my MSW.” – Lauren Dembski MSW ‘16

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Lisa Boldin MSW ’19

“I have greatly appreciated the hybrid classes offered at UNE.  I live about 75 minutes from campus, am completing 20 hours of field work each week, and work part time. The weeks that I am working from home allow me to dedicate uninterrupted time to my studies. Most classes require a weekly Blackboard posting on the week’s curriculum with an additional requirement of responding to posts of other students. In many ways I feel that my peer to peer relationships are deeper because of this activity. Reading other people’s reflections increases my understanding of course material and opens my eyes to different ways of approaching issues that we encounter in the field of Social Work. I have had the ability to participate in interprofessional activities, group projects, and learning opportunities as my schedule allows. Hybrid classes are allowing me to complete my degree in 16 months while remaining present to my other life obligations. -Lisa Boldin MSW ’19

Molly Haskey MSW ’17

“I really wanted to be in a program with lots of options and I felt that UNE with the campus and hybrid options provided that so I could get to know the teachers. I could get to know the other students.  I live 45 minutes away, so having the opportunity to do hybrid options was really helpful!” – Molly Haskell MSW ‘17

Bipana msw
Bipana Pokharel MSW ’17

“I’m able to take classes and at the same time work part-time.  With the hybrid course options, if I take these, I can work even more if I want!” –Bipana Pokharel MSW ‘17

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