Mental Health and COVID 19 Series: Self-care

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As we all embark on this journey together and face the Covid19 uncertainty ahead, we thought we’d reach out to UNE Social Work faculty, staff, and students to learn about what sorts of things they’re doing from home to take care of their mental health. We will post responses as they come in.

To kick us off, we have Assistant Clinical Faculty and Field Instructor (and alumna!), Valerie Jones LMSW ’07  and Social Work staff and MSW student, Tiarra LaPierre.   We hope you find their tips useful and rejuvenating!!  If you have something YOU’D like to share, please send your thoughts to and we will share to our blog!

Let’s spread some self care loving through these difficult times!!⁠ ⁠

What is Faculty, Valerie Jones doing?

⁠ The 100 Day Project is something I have done the last three years and have found it such a great experience. It is an opportunity to do something creative everyday for 100 days and post it on Instagram. It can be anything. I have found it a welcome way to ensure that I include creativity in every day.⁠ ⁠

Staying connected to nature. I feel fortunate to live in the woods where there are lots of opportunities to get out and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.⁠ ⁠

Val's bread

Challenging myself to learn new things, whether it be something as simple as baking bread or learning new technologies to work with students.⁠ ⁠

Val's Dogs

Embracing the unconditional love of my dogs!! ⁠


Keeping in touch with spirituality and meaningful practices.⁠ ⁠

groupMost of all….staying in touch with all of UNE faculty, staff, and students! (Including those who are not pictured here).

What is Staff and Student, Tiarra LaPierre doing?

Social Work Staff and Student, Tiarra LaPierre

Some of the things I’m doing to stay balanced are running, planning and making healthy meals, cuddling my cat, and ultimately remembering that I have to focus on the things I CAN control. I’m trying to take this situation one day at a time and am intentionally looking for silver linings to this whole situation. Other than keeping up with State and Federal ordinances and changes to our daily living, I try also to look for stories of people and communities who are taking creative and thoughtful steps to make sure everybody has what they need during this time. I posted this meme (below) on facebook back in November, not knowing how the world would be different this spring.

I’ve been rearranging my home to freshen things up, and because it gives me a sense of productivity and control. With extra time to read I’ve been working my way through my home library, after doing my class readings of course 😉 I”ve been favoring sci-fi & fantasy as a relief from reality. Last night I watched a netflix movie with some friends via Netflix Party and we made some funny commentary in the chat MST3K style. I’m so impressed with the creativity of some tech companies to increase access to virtual tools to keep people engaged and socializing, despite isolation.


⁠Remember to take good care of yourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally. Connect with your family and friends and please don’t hesitate to reach out to your faculty.  You will find additional support through UNE’s services such as the Student Academic Success Center (, Student Counseling Center ( and Student Access Center (  Take all of the precautions you need to in order to stay healthy, but don’t forget to also pause and look for the goodness around you.

Email us HERE To share your coping strategies. 

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