Alumni Update: Emily Krueger MSW ’20 Returns Home Equipped With New Skills

MSW alumni ’20 Emily Krueger poses here with her “How Do You Plan To Do Good?” sign. Emily joined UNE’s MSW Program straight from undergrad. She completed her MSW in JUST ONE YEAR through our BSW 4+1 Advanced Standing Track! She also took advantage of the Training in Aging and Diversity (TRIAD) certificate and received a $10,000 stipend toward her degree.


Emily has since returned to her home town in New Hampshire and is currently employed as a Service Coordinator at the Upper Valley Haven, a local non-profit organization that works with individuals experiencing homelessness or food insecurity. We recently reached her for some updates. See interview below:

Emily Krueger:

⁠Where do you currently reside?

Grantham, NH⁠

What is your current job title?

I am a Service Coordinator at the Upper Valley Haven, a local non-profit organization working with folks experiencing homelessness or food insecurity

What’s work like?

I have a really supportive work environment and was welcomed and wanted because of my passion to help folks of all different backgrounds navigate the struggles of being homeless, despite the fact that I didn’t have experience in this area of Social Work specifically. I actually went to UNE expecting to work with older adults. I participated in UNE’s TRIAD (Training in Aging and Diversity) stipend program, and even focused my internship on the older adult population. Working with the aging population had been a goal of mine even throughout my undergraduate program in Social Work. Working with that population is clearly not where I landed, however, and I am completely okay with it! I absolutely love my job at the Upper Valley Haven and feel that I am doing my part to help others in their time of desperate need and potentially the most vulnerable time in their lives. I’m so happy with where I’ve landed, it fills my heart knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives everyday.⁠⁠

How did UNE prepare you?

As an MSW graduate of UNE, I felt prepared to not only work, but also thrive in any setting, no matter my level of knowledge about the specific population. Earning my MSW boosted my self-confidence, which is one of the most important things I could have gained in my time at UNE in order to become the Social Worker I am today.⁠

What did you find most inspiring about your education at UNE? (Or what excited you/interested you the most?)

Being a Masters program, there are other students who have various bachelor’s level education. It created such a rich learning environment being able to engage with other students who have different formal training than a bachelors in social work like I did.

Is there anything you’ve been surprised by in entering the Field of Social Work? 

I have been surprised by not only the amount of jobs there are available, but the wide range of organizations, agencies, environments that social workers are necessary to be employed in.

If you could share advice to incoming MSW students, what would it be? 

Take advantage of any and all learning and social opportunities that are offered to you! You only have these few years of school left and it is to your benefit to engage in everything you possibly can!

Check out THIS BLOG POST about Emily’s Trauma Change Project to learn more about what she did as part of time here with us! Reflecting on her Trauma Courses, Emily shares, “The knowledge of the aspects of trauma informed care will follow me everywhere.  It seems to be something ingrained in me now; something that I always notice and pick up on in each new environment I step into – whether in a social work realm or not.”