Opportunities for students – Spring 2022

The P.D. Merrill Makerspace is forming teams of students to work on the following (very cool!) innovation projects. Interested students should send an email expressing interest to Hannah Welch at hwelch2@une.edu by Thursday, 2/24.

Students from any major are invited to join a team – no experience required.

Public Health Innovation Project for Maine teens

We are seeking 2-3 students to join an interdisciplinary team that will be working on an innovative app or website for Maine teens. The Covid-19 pandemic has created lots of tension between friends, families, and colleagues. What if there was a place to safely reach out for support in times of high stress from the pandmeic? In this project students will work in collaboration with teens and the Maine Public Health Association, under the leadership of a UNE EdD student to create a one of a kind app or website that creates peer-to-peer support around vaccine hesitancy. The team will work with an outside user-experience designer who will guide the project, working with the team to create a fully imagined product . This is an opportunity to work on an interprofessional team, with outside partners, to benefit Maine youth! The project is part of the 2022 Maine Ideas Challenge where students will be competing for a share of up to $6k in prizes. We are looking for students interested in public health, app development, teen health, and user experience design.

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week in Spring ‘22

Marine Science Autonomous Vehicle

We are seeking 2-3 students to join an interdisciplinary team that will be working with engineers from Pratt & Whitney on a marine science innovation project. Taking water samples using the boat can be expensive. What if marine science students could send out an autonomous boat and have it take samples or measurements for them? This autonomous vehicle concept has wide applications for marine science research. We are developing a low-cost, open source solution that can be easily incorporated into many research projects. Students will attend weekly meetings with the engineers, work on designing and prototyping solutions, and testing designs.*

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week in Spring ‘22

*There is a possibility of paid summer work for students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to the project in the spring.

Marine Science Programmable Water Sampler

We are seeking 2-3 students to work with an outside engineering firm, Dr. Markus Frederich and the Makerspace team to develop and prototype a programmable device to sample water for eDNA analysis. Water sampling is vital in understanding the health of various ecosystems across the globe. What if water sampling could be made simpler and more readily available to scientists? In this project students will work under a professional engineer to design a water sampler that is low-cost, open source and can be used by universities everywhere to take higher-quality water samples. The project opens up opportunities to participate in design thinking as they design, prototype, and test the water sampler, leading to the writing and potential publication of their research on the device. Students involved in this project may have an opportunity to execute marine research projects using a device they helped create. This project will likely have a GIS data mapping component as well.

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week in Spring ‘22