Thank you for your interest in the Mohan Shark and Fish Ecology Lab website. The Lab is a few years old now and we are so excited to share updates and news here. Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook for more!

2022 was a pretty epic year for the Mohan Lab. We deployed the first real time receiver to better monitor white shark movement in Maine, Dr. Mohan was interviewed by Maine Public Radio, and we published some exciting findings with our collaborators. We analyzed hundreds of otoliths and vertebrae and made great strides in our bycatch reduction research.

So far, 2023 has been just as successful. We’ve published three studies, the first graduate students of the lab are successfully defending their theses, and our undergraduates continue to conduct high quality research. We are currently gearing up for our most exciting field season yet, so stay tuned for updates!

Summer 2022: The Mohan Lab crew + Matt Davis (DMR) pause for a photo before deploying Maine’s first real-time shark receiver.