Marine Affairs student gets hands-on experience with environmental consulting firm

UNE Marine Affairs major Haley Griffin ’22 had a wonderful internship this Spring with Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC , an environmental consulting firm offering a range of services to support policy development, planning, training, outreach, and facilitation for international clients in industry, government, and nonprofit sectors.

“It’s has been really cool to connect what I’ve been learning here at UNE to what I’ve been doing at my internship,” Griffin said. “Applying all of the regulations and laws that I’ve learned to real-world situations just makes things so much clearer.”

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The great folks at Nuka connected with UNE North after attending our panel presentation last fall in support of the Camden Conference and we quickly put them in touch with UNE’s Career Services. Within a matter of months, the amazing Career Services team had found the perfect student for a Nuka internship. From leading international research projects to helping facilitate local internships, UNE North is always seeking ways to make a difference for UNE students and an impact on sustainable development. Way to go, Haley!