UNE North Advisor Elected to UArctic Indigenous Issues Committee

UNE North Advisory Council member Terzah Tippin Poe has been elected to the UArctic Indigenous Issues Committee for a three year term. Nominated by UNE and UNE North, Poe is a lecturer and instructor in Harvard University’s Sustainability and Environmental Management Program and the U.S. Lead for the Polar Research and Policy Initiative. Ms. Poe’s life experiences as Inupiaq woman and her professional experiences across industry sectors and as an educator, made her a prime candidate for this important role at UArctic. She writes, “From research to education to healthcare and resource development, the goal is to listen, learn and apply lessons from the region and people most deeply impacted in order to improve policies and projects.” Congratulations!

Terza Tippen Poe, Lecturer & Instructor, US Lead for Polar Research and Policy Initiative | Harvard University