Lab Photos

Lauren Cooper & Afnan Yahya presenting a poster on antibiotic adjuvants at the Spring 2022 CAS Symposium
Enjoying an evening in Bar Harbor during MBMSS 2022. (Left to right: Afnan Yahya, Kati Roese, Lauren Cooper, & Kristin Burkholder)
On the campus of MDI Biological Laboratories – MBMSS 2022 (Left to right: Afnan Yahya, Lauren Cooper, Kati Roese, & Kristin Burkholder)

At the MBMSS 2022 with poster (Left to right: Kati Roese, Afnan Yahya, & Lauren Cooper)
At the CAS Spring 2022 Symposium (Left to right: Lyle Massoia, Afnan Yahya, Lauren Cooper, Colleen Moody, Kati Roese, Kristin Burkholder, & Justin Dixson)
At the CAS Spring 2022 Symposium (Left to right: Justin Dixson, Kristin Burkholder, Kati Roese, Lauren Cooper, Afnan Yahya, Lyle Massoia & Colleen Moody)