CEAH Video Archives – COVID 19 Engagement

Winter 2022

April 27 – The Neuroscience of Pain

Dr. Katherine Rudolph, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy and Director of the the Motion Analysis lab here at UNE will present on the topic of The Neuroscience of Pain.

April 20 – What Color is Your Life?

Professor Sarah Gorham will discuss her mother Janet’s, life weaving, which was loosely guided by the work of Joan and Erik Erikson’s identified eight stages of psychosocial development from infancy to later adulthood. Gorham will also discuss her recent painting project, based on her mom’s weaving, that captures people’s lives in color. She and Dr. Meuser will guide you to think about, and discuss ,how you identify color in different stages of your own life. 

March 25 – The AARP Maine State Walking College

Patricia Oh (University of Maine Center on Aging) and Ian Thomas (America Walks) will discuss the benefits of a livable, walkable community and present an opportunity for residents of Maine to become effective advocates.  The AARP Maine State Walking College is a six-month, online Fellowship program of modules covering leadership development, coalition-building, walkable community design, local public policy, and strategic planning. The instructional content includes online study materials, video-conferenced discussion forums and coaching sessions, and community assignments. Fellows are asked to commit about 5 hours per week and will complete the course by developing a Walking Action Plan for their community.

March 9 – Brain Health = Great Wealth

This presentation by Regi Robnett, PhD, will provide overview of the brain and the skills that may diminish a bit with age, as well as the cognitive strengths elders retain when they are aging typically. We will also discuss how we can maximize brain performance and work on decreasing the risk of succumbing to age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. 

February 10 – Defining Wellness in Older Adulthood

Pursuing wellness is an admirable goal no matter one’s age. Yet, many wellness frameworks focus narrowly on physical health, or they fail to consider the unique needs of older adults. Join Matthew Fullen, PhD, MDiv, LPCC(OH) to learn about a multi-dimensional wellness framework that centers the experiences of older people as they attempt to age well.

February 2 – Marijuana and Cannabidiol (CBD): Dispelling Myths & Weighing the Evidence

This is a presentation that will guide the audience through the history of marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) as medicine. The audience will learn what the scientific evidence actually says about marijuana and CBD benefits and risks. Not everyone would be a good candidate, but there may be an option out there for you. From managing seizure disorders to pain reduction, marijuana and CBD have been studied to manage both rare and common diseases. Dr. Sydney Springer looks forward to dispelling myths and focusing on evidence with you!

January 5 – Alzheimer’s Disease & Dimentia

Join volunteer community educator of the Alzheimer’s Association, Anne Romney, as she provides the basic information on the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia, stages, risk factors, research, FDA Approved treatments, and more.

Fall 2021

November 19 – All About the Breath – Yoga for Better Breathing

Join Dr. Stacey Pierce-Talsma, D.O., M.S., FNAOME as this session focuses on all the parts of our bodies that help us to breathe deeply and will gently stretch our bodies as we learn about the healthiest ways to breath. Please wear comfortable clothes to this all-levels class and be sure you have room to sit on a chair and stand during the session. This class should help you relax and breathe easy!

Join UNE’s Gallery & Exhibitions Director, Hilary Irons, for a guided tour of the most recent exhibit at the UNE Art Gallery on the Portland Campus, The Permanent Photography Collection: Recent Acquisitions in the Stephen K. Halpert Photography Collection at UNE.

Summer 2021

June 11 – Gospel Music with Wes Covey

Join recent MSW grad, Wes Covey, as he delves into the history and impact of Gospel music.

June 24 – Recognizing & Overcoming Ageism for a Fuller Life

United Way of York County – Week of Action.
Dr. Tom Meuser of UNE Center for Excellence in Aging & Health and Don Harden of Catholic Charities of Maine present ways of recognizing and overcoming ageism for a fuller life.

Winter 2021

March 19 – Feminist Music, Helen Reddy & Aretha Franklin

MSW student, Wes Covey, will facilitate this discussion. Join us for an informal discussion about the role of women in popular music and the effects music has had on feminist movements. The discussion will focus on two particular songs: Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman,” and “Respect,” most associated with Aretha Franklin but with a somewhat surprising backstory. Wes will encourage an interactive discussion but will also be prepared to talk about the role of women in music ranging from blues to gospel to punk rock.

Winter 2021 E-Power Series

January 13 – Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

Dr. Susan Wehry, Director of Geriatric Medicine at UNE, will share perspectives and advice on positive self-care during the winter months. Learn about how to care for your body, mind and spirit. Hear from others about how they care for themselves and stay connected.

January 27 – Trust the Science: What We Know & How We Know It

Dr. Hamilton will share perspectives from his long career in biological, clinical, and environmental research. Participants will learn about the scientific method for addressing questions and the importance of following a rigorous process to obtain trustworthy answers. This presentation and discussion to follow will be informed by current events and the value of science for human wellbeing.

February 10 – Big City Birds: Costs & Benefits to Roof-top Nesting by Herring Gulls in Portland

Love them or hate them, gulls, especially Herring Gulls, define the sights and sounds of coastal Maine. Their population, though, is in steep decline. In 2011, the Perlut Lab run by Dr. Noah Perlut, Professor & Assistant Academic Directior of the School of Marine & Environmental Sciences, initiated a project to understand these declines, especially how Portland’s roof-top nesting population compares to and interacts with the island-nesting population.

February 23 – Priorities for Earth’s Future: Perspectives of the Gen Z and Baby Boomers

Join the discussion with a panel of UNE undergraduate students and legacy scholars from the Center of Excellence in Aging and Health as they explore intergenerational common ground and conflict on issues of climate change and environmental stewardship.

March 23 – Eating to Sustain Your Health & the Environment

This program will share the latest evidence-based information on eating for optimal health.  During this event, you’ll receive tips on making shifts to more plant-based choices, evaluating your own diet and considerations for healthier beverage options. We’ll look at the impact of choosing more locally grown and locally produced foods along with sharing healthy recipes that are simple and tasty.

April 8 @ 1pm – Making the Most of the Longevity Dividend

CEAH Director, Dr. Tom Meuser, and gerontologist, Joseph Wolfberg, will share perspectives on the “Longevity Dividend.” Living longer means enjoying life, pursuing passions and contributing to society for years longer than those of past generations. We will explore this concept and celebrate the lives of Mainers who are making the most of this period of life.

April 23 @ 10am – Protest Music – Now & Then

In this talk, we will learn about the history of protest music in America and where it is headed.  We will listen to songs from major protest movements in this country’s modern history – Environment and Equality struggles from the 40’s and 50’s, and Civil Rights and Vietnam protests of the 60’s.

Fall 2020

October 30 – Orchestrating Change: Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”

Wes Covey, a UNE MSW Student, will present. Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” has been called the first truly great protest song and was named The Song of the Century by Time Magazine. This presentation will look at how a photograph of a lynching in Indiana led a Jewish schoolteacher in the Bronx to write a poem that would become one of the most important pieces of American musical history.  

Summer 2020

June 4 – Presentation of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: A Virtual Tour

Stories of Alvin, the Titanic, and more… Presented by Paul Daigle, Official Tour Guide & Legacy Scholar