CEAH Video Archives

Summer 2020

June 4 – Presentation of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: A Virtual Tour

Stories of Alvin, the Titanic, and more… Presented by Paul Daigle, Offical Tour Guide & Legacy Scholar

Fall 2020

October 30 – Orchestrating Change: Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”

Wes Covey, a UNE MSW Student, will present. Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” has been called the first truly great protest song and was named The Song of the Century by Time Magazine. This presentation will look at how a photograph of a lynching in Indiana led a Jewish schoolteacher in the Bronx to write a poem that would become one of the most important pieces of American musical history.  

E-Power Series Winter 2021

January 13 – Taking Care of Yourself During Winter

Dr. Susan Wehry, Director of Geriatric Medicine at UNE, will share perspectives and advice on positive self-care during the winter months. Learn about how to care for your body, mind and spirit. Hear from others about how they care for themselves and stay connected.

January 27 – Trust the Science: What We Know & How We Know It

Dr. Hamilton will share perspectives from his long career in biological, clinical, and environmental research. Participants will learn about the scientific method for addressing questions and the importance of following a rigorous process to obtain trustworthy answers. This presentation and discussion to follow will be informed by current events and the value of science for human wellbeing.

February 10 – Big City Birds: Costs & Benefits to Roof-top Nesting by Herring Gulls in Portland

Love them or hate them, gulls, especially Herring Gulls, define the sights and sounds of coastal Maine. Their population, though, is in steep decline. In 2011, the Perlut Lab run by Dr. Noah Perlut, Professor & Assistant Academic Directior of the School of Marine & Environmental Sciences, initiated a project to understand these declines, especially how Portland’s roof-top nesting population compares to and interacts with the island-nesting population.

February 23 – Priorities for Earth’s Future: Perspectives of the Gen Z and Baby Boomers

Join the discussion with a panel of UNE undergraduate students and legacy scholars from the Center of Excellence in Aging and Health as they explore intergenerational common ground and conflict on issues of climate change and environmental stewardship.