Life Wisdom of Deena Weinstein

Fall 2022. Portland, Maine.

Artist, story-teller, therapist, and self proclaimed “crone,” Deena Weinstein sat with UNE PTD student, Erin O’Tool, and shared her life wisdom in a series of recorded conversations over a few week period.

Deena embraces life in everything she does, and likes to say “I am going to live to 100!”

Here, Erin and Deena pose for the camera after conducting their first recorded interview along with Dr. Tom Meuser, Founding Director of UNE’s Center for Excellence in Aging & Health.

Listen to a segment from the first planning conversation.

Listen to brief edited segments of interviews between just Erin and Deena:

My First Age Spot

Living to 100

My Daughter will be Older Too

12/2/22 Deena (left) and Erin (right) at the Doctor of PT Student Poster Session. Erin shared about the interview process.