10 Reasons Students Chose UNE College of Pharmacy

Welcome to the College of Pharmacy at UNE! If you have questions, are interested in visiting to the College to experience it for yourself or want to speak with a student, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to get in touch!

1. “I liked the small college feel. Everything seemed much more personal.”

2. “There is a wide range of diversity and the teacher’s can work one-on-one.”

3. “I loved the professor to student ratio, and how everyone here felt like a big family. ”

4. “I chose UNE because it was the most welcoming and supportive campus I visited. I could immediately tell how supportive the faculty & staff is & how excited the students were to be there & I knew it was the perfect environment for me.”

5. “The location!

6. “I love the location of UNE College of Pharmacy/Pre-Pharmacy: the Biddeford and Portland areas are really gorgeous places. I chose UNE because when I first visited I not only fell in love with the campus, but I fell in love with the community vibe that UNE gives off.”

7. “Inter-professional training.”

8. “The amazing faculty!”

9. “Small classes, and having the ability to do a rotation abroad.

10. “When I came for my interview I got a sense of unity at the college. I felt that I would be greatly supported here.”