What has learning looked like recently?

On March 13, UNE made the announcement to move learning online. This came just before spring break. Now, the College of Pharmacy has almost completed two weeks of virtual learning.

These first two weeks have brought firsts for many students, faculty and staff. Firsts often come with adjustments, challenges and expectations; the same goes for this unique time. While we are all adjusting, UNE and the College of Pharmacy is doing its best to accommodate students–whether that means recording lectures, making adjustments in testing or finding alternate sites for APPEs. A supportive community remains at the College of Pharmacy’s core, but expresses itself a little differently right now.

As we move out of the fast paced responses to this crisis, we are beginning to sink into a new normal. Brene Brown, vulnerability researcher, compares accepting this new normal during the COVID-19 crisis as “settling the ball” in a soccer game so the player can kick it where she wants it to go. She shares, “we are going to need to settle the ball. We are going to need to create new normal and grieve the loss of normal at the same time.” Finding support in friends, family, professors, staff, and counselors is essential right now.

Students, counseling services are available to you, here.

Enjoy some pictures of faculty and staff using zoom!