Opportunities with the Pharmaceutical Sciences Specialty Track

Lilia Brooks, P2 student

The Pharmaceutical Sciences Specialty Track enables UNE Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students to explore the broad field of pharmaceutical sciences beyond the required Pharm.D. curriculum. The track is offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences to enrolled students at no additional cost. As a student in the track, you pursue topics such as biochemistry, biopharmaceutics, computational chemistry, immunology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, pathophysiology, and pharmacology through research or teaching experiences under faculty guidance. You have access to the modern teaching and research resources within the UNE School of Pharmacy, which include analytical, genomic, proteomic, and simulation technologies and platforms. P2 student, Lilia Brooks, shares about her experience so far in the Pharmaceutical Sciences track:

Lilia eating lunch outside during COVID-19.


My name is Lilia, and I am a P2 student here at the UNE School of Pharmacy. I am enrolled in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Specialty Track. This track allows Pharm.D. students to explore pharmaceutical sciences topics outside of the core curriculum. This includes topics such as biochemistry, immunology, and biopharmaceutics among others. As part of this track, I am required to complete two courses approved and offered by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences here at the School of Pharmacy. Once these courses are completed, I can earn a certificate of completion with the submission of a letter of support from a department faculty member. As this is my first year in the track, I have not yet completed any courses. However, I am currently enrolled in an approved elective for this track, which I am excited about.

Current research

This semester I am working with Dr. George Allen and three other students in researching bacterial susceptibility and resistance of the bacterium Shigella Sonnei to different types of antibiotics. It is a great experience to work with a professor and other students to achieve a goal and to try to find answers in the form of research. Being a part of this track allows me to build my knowledge in the pharmaceutical sciences, to apply that knowledge within the classroom and through research, and to gain experience that sets me apart from my peers. This is what drew me to follow this track.

Advantages of the Pharmaceutical Sciences track

I am very interested in both research and pharmaceutical sciences because I have had previous experience with research as an undergraduate student and I have always enjoyed any topic that is related to pharmaceutical science. Through my research elective, I have learned that experiments may not always go as planned; that all data, good and bad, is still data; and I have learned important lab techniques that can be applied in other research situations. I want to be able to use science and research to contribute to the continued progress in medicine and the ever-expanding world of pharmaceuticals. This track will help me do just that. All the experience I gain will aid me as I progress through pharmacy school and into my career as a pharmacist as I am interested in a career involving research, pharmaceutical development, and teaching. A deeper understanding of pharmaceutical science will set me apart from others in achieving that goal.

Students conducting research with Dr. Mohan.

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For more information on the Pharmaceutical Sciences track, check out UNE’s website. If you have questions about this track or about the School of Pharmacy in general, please reach out.