COVID-19 Round-up

As we head into a summer that is looking more like the summers we’re used to, we reflect on what an enormous year it has been. From assisting in the production of masks to helping pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy interns acquire a license to vaccinate, the School of Pharmacy has worked to keep Maine healthy. Here is a recap of just some of the ways that the School of Pharmacy met community needs throughout the pandemic.

April 2020

Masks: The UNE Community collaborates to provide masks where there were shortages.

June 2020

Hand sanitizer: UNE’s School of Pharmacy helps to provide hand sanitizer for UNE Undergraduate Admissions.

November 2020

Vaccine rollout: Dr. Kenneth McCall is interviewed as Maine prepares to rollout its vaccines.

UNE Alumni goes above and beyond: UNE alumni, Dr. Shivang Patel, donated supplies to the Framingham community. Dr. Patel is the owner of MetroWest Pharmacy and plays a large role in helping the community.

December 2020

Operation penguin: The Maine CDC contacted UNE’s School of Pharmacy to use their freezer to store shipments of vaccines. Vaccines needed to be stored at -70 degrees Celcius in order to remain effective. In a move dubbed “Operation Penguin,” UNE lent the CDC their in-demand freezer, allowing the state to distribute vaccines efficiently.

Vaccination training: The School of Pharmacy hosted vaccination certification trainings for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy interns. These trainings helped expand and accelerate vaccination efforts throughout the state of Maine and northern New England. Read more here and here.

January 2021

Drive-thru vaccination clinic: Dr. Leslie Ochs participates in Maine’s first drive-thru vaccination clinic.

February 2021

Students volunteer to vaccinate: Just one of many examples of UNE School of Pharmacy students sacrificing their time and energy to help vaccinate the community.

May 2021

Bath Housing on-site clinics: Dr. Hailey Choi, a clinical faculty member at UNE, works to restart free clinics for Bath Housing residents. As more people become vaccinated, it is finally safe to hold these clinics again.

Below: photos of students and their vaccination efforts.