Dean’s Summer Fellow 2023 By Dr. S. Sutton

Ms. Carmella St. Pierre (UNE Pharm.D. Class of 2027) joined the Sutton Lab (Dr Steven (Steev) Sutton, Assoc. Prof.) in the Summer of 2023, as a Dean’s Summer Fellow. In the lab, she helped establish and grow three cell lines and learned about the fascinating but potentially harmful world of plastic nanoparticles. Ms. St. Pierre will present the poster titled “Modification of an in vitro intestinal inflammation model that realistically predicts cellular damage from low density nanoplastic.” at the Second Annual Maine Research Symposium on Biomedical Science and Engineering, in Orono, ME. During the Fall semester she plans to continue work on a report which will be folded into a manuscript. Working in the Sutton Lab provided Ms. Jabor with the opportunity to apply the sterile techniques she learned in pharmaceutics lab while learning cell culture research.