Faculty discuss medical cannabis for integrative pharmacy course By Dr. R. Hill

This past semester faculty Ron Hills and Sarah Vincent led a new class discussion topic on medicinal cannabis use. The topic was part of the School of Pharmacy’s elective course in Integrative Medicine, developed for students pursuing a curricular focus in Wellness and Integrative Medicine. The course examines various topics in holistic medicine spanning the role of diet and nutrition, botanicals, the gut microbiome, and practices in alternative medicine. With the increased legalization and prevalence of cannabis use in the general public, there are many relevant concerns surrounding its dosing, side effects, and interactions with other prescription medications. According to the Canadian Pharmacists Association, “As medication experts, pharmacists are best equipped to provide clinical advice to patients and appropriate oversight in the safe management and dispensing of medical cannabis.” Three U.S. states, Connecticut, New York, and Minnesota, currently require a licensed pharmacist be onsite at medical cannabis dispensaries. You can read more about recent cannabis developments in Pharmacy Times.