Entrepreneurial Alumnus in the World of Venture Capital by Dr. O. Guvench

Frank Jamison, UNE PharmD Class of 2013, has had a diversity of jobs experiences in the decade since he graduated. Dr. Jamison initially started work in Maine as a Clinical Pharmacist at a local specialty pharmacy that focused on Women’s Health, Infectious Diseases and Autoimmune Disorders, and served thousands of patients in Maine and throughout the Northeast. Dr. Jamison was subsequently promoted to Pharmacy Manager with the same organization, and then made a move to North Carolina, where he took on a role as Director of Specialty Pharmacy. He then leveraged his education and his work experiences to move into the world of entrepreneurship, and has been involved in building specialty pharmacy programs, including working to reduce the associated risk, accelerating speed to market, improving patient engagement and outcomes, and driving greater financial results. Dr. Jamison’s career has expanded such that he now spends time in the world of venture capital as well as in the world of pharmacy.