Exploring the Gut-Brain Interactions: Student opportunities at Portland Laboratory for Biotechnology and Health Sciences by Dr. R. Vumma

At the newly launched Portland Laboratory for Biotechnology and Health Sciences, my research involves exploring the role of inflammation and gut microbiota byproducts in gut and brain interactions. The interaction between the gut and brain plays a crucial role in the pathophysiology of many gastrointestinal problems and mood disorders. Identifying new biomarkers and treatment agents helps us develop individualized treatment strategies for people with mood disorders. The specific aims will be explored using human cells as in-vitro models. The methods employed include sterile cell culturing, the development of an in-vitro model for gut-brain interactions, and the quantification of biomarkers through colorimetry, fluorimetry, and chromatography experimental methods. Pharm-D students can participate in ongoing research projects to gain experience in research design, scientific writing, sterile cell culturing techniques, and various experimental methods for quantifying the biomarkers of interest.