Interprofessional Pharmacy Education by Dr. E. Dornblaser

We strive to ensure that our graduates receive an interprofessional education through collaboration with the 12 professions on our Portland Health Sciences Campus. Our mission has been to help students find their path and make them successful. We are proud to have multiple specialty focus areas that have prepare our students for long term, flexible, and impactful careers in pharmacy through out the country. It is amazing to reflect on 10 years of graduates and know that they are now working for the FDA, and pharmacy data start-ups, they are amazing community pharmacists, clinical pharmacists, medical science liaisons and the list goes on. Key accomplishments for UNE’s school of pharmacy include the creation of two post-graduate residencies in partnership with CVS-Apothecary by Design and Hannaford’s and Martin’s point. We believed that as leaders in the state it was important to expand post-graduate training opportunities for all graduates in Maine. We proudly have an 87% placement rate into PGY-1 and a 100% placement rate into PGY-2 residencies.