Prescription program called Park Rx recently launched in Portland

A program called Park Rx has recently launched in Portland, ME with the help of Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative and their members. Almost 100 different parks, trails, and playgrounds throughout the city have been located and uploaded to the Park Rx America website for health care providers to easily access. The goal of the Park Rx program is to decrease the burden of chronic disease, increase health and happiness, and foster environmental stewardship by way of providers prescribing time in nature to their patients during routine health visits.

Over 100 million Americans currently suffer from chronic disease which results in decreased quality of life, and ultimately premature death. Spending time in natural environments increases physical activity, hence decreasing the risk of developing chronic disease. Park Rx America is a low-cost intervention that utilizes a known, trusted, and accessible resource to influence positive health outcomes. To learn more about Park Rx visit or send an email to