Western Maine AHEC Helps Inspire Future Nurse Workforce

Marya Beedy, 21, of Eustis, Maine, population 610, became interested in nursing at the young age of 5 when her brother was born at Franklin Memorial Hospital (FMH). Due to some health issues, he was in and out of the hospital for several years, but it wasn’t a scary place. Marya talks about how the family was welcomed by the nursing staff and even though ‘it wasn’t home, it was as homey as a hospital could be.’ There was comfort there. She remembers being impressed with the nursing staff and not just the treatment of her brother but of the whole family. As she grew, she realized it was their knowledge, kindness, and most of all their compassion that left an indelible mark and the drive to become a nurse. She’s hoping that drive turns into a promising career at Franklin Memorial, the same hospital where those nurses took such great care of her brother and family, and where her sister works as a RN in Surgical Services.

As a senior in High school, Marya did an extended internship at FMH, doing job shadows with 16 different disciplines, both clinical and non-clinical. Her favorite was the Maternal Child unit, the same unit her brother was born on and returned to when he was sick. She actually was on the unit for several weeks per her request and to the staff’s delight. She was able to rock babies, get supplies for the staff, and keep the pediatric patients’ siblings busy. Her Maternal Child job shadows reinforced for her what she had seen and felt as a child. Her career goal- to be an OB nurse so she can provide some of that comfort and inspiration she found there as a kid. Those job shadows were arranged by the Western Maine AHEC Director, Tania Dawson, RN. ‘When you ask Marya which job shadows were her favorites, she lists of acute care clinical areas and she just lights up’. Marya is currently on the Medical/Surgical floor doing an acute care rotation for her nursing program at Purdue Global. She graduates on January 26, 2021 and interviewed for a RN New Grad position at Franklin Memorial just this week. Good Luck Marya!