Primary Care Training and Enhancement Grant Ends with Strong Results

Center for Excellence in Public Health concludes 6-year Primary Care Training and Enhancement Grant with strong results and plans for the future.  Maine AHEC Network support this project, specifically AHEC Director: Jennifer Gunderman, MPH (CEPH) and Clinical Educator for Interprofessional Practice: Elizabeth Mann, RN, MSN, PHNA (CEPH).  The Primary Care Training and Enhancement project concluded with a final presentation by the team from UNE and Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC).  The goal of the 6-year grant funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration was to increase the number of PAs who practice in primary care, rural areas, and/or Maine.  The grant provided financial awards to 30 UNE PA students to complete clinical rotations at two federally qualified health centers, PCHC and HealthReach Community Health Centers.  The grant also trained 171 other UNE students from COM, CDM, and the School of Pharmacy, and 31 preceptors from the two clinics, on competencies such as Social Determinants of Health, Health Literacy, and Interprofessional Practice.  Among PA students who participated, 73% currently work in Maine, 31% work in primary care, and 23% work in a rural area.  PCHC has hired 4 UNE PA alumni since the grant began.  The project also created the Clinical Interprofessional Checklist for students to document activities in which they engaged.  This resource will be adapted for future use by the clinics and AHEC.