Portland and Lewiston High Schoolers Learn Trauma Response Skills with the AHEC Pathways Program

Maine AHEC Network’s Healthcare Workforce Diversity program hosted two learning sessions in February, during which AHEC Scholars UNE delivered career exploration activities. The interprofessional team of AHEC Scholars developed and delivered a curriculum that allowed the high schooler students to have the chance to act as first responders in a medical emergency. Presenting an immersive case study, the AHEC Scholars set the stage for the high school students to learn a variety of skills including tourniquet application, how to take vitals, how to determine a patient’s triage status, and how to pack a wound.   

Throughout the stations, the high school students were able to ask the AHEC Scholars questions about college, various healthcare fields, and discuss their health career goals. Many students expressed an interest in pursuing healthcare fields, with stated interests ranging from occupational therapy, speech language pathology, surgery, to social work. 35 students attended the sessions at Portland and Lewiston high schools, with nine AHEC Scholars presenting.

The Healthcare Workforce Diversity Program is run in partnership with Maine Access Immigrant Network and the New Mainers Public Health Initiative. The program creates opportunities for New Mainer high school students to learn about health career pathways, prepare for college, and gain skills in civic engagement. The program is funded by Maine Health Access Foundation.