Resources in Maine

“From the grassroots to the Governor’s office, Maine is coming together for those affected by the opioid epidemic. We are on a mission to save lives and strengthen communities, and we’re putting all the options on the table. Because if we want to give people a fighting chance, we need to keep them alive, safe, and supported throughout their journey of active use and recovery.”

This comprehensive website,, has information all over the spectrum including personal stories from Mainers affected by substance use disorder, information on preventing fatal overdose, community resources searchable by county, and data on overdose deaths and the drug epidemic in Maine. A valuable resource for professionals in the field and all community members.


Almost everyone has directly or indirectly experienced how chemical dependency can affect a loved one. SEED was formed to add the voice of students to help explain this insidious brain disease. SEED’s main objective is to amplify community messaging about use of chemical substances by explaining the science underlying the disease model. In so doing, it is our hope that fewer people will start using drugs & alcohol and more will seek recovery. Brought to you by Students Empowered to End Dependency (S.E.E.D.) in collaboration with the Scarborough Police Department.

From the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future:

Maine Opioid Response: Strategic Action Plan 2021

OUR GOAL: Reduce the negative health and economic impacts of opioid and other substance use disorders (SUD/OUD) on individuals, families, and communities in Maine and, in so doing, give hope to all persons with substance use disorder that recovery is not just possible, but probable.

OUR SHARED VALUES: This plan includes five cross-cutting values that are foundational to each area of focus. All actions called for in this plan shall be undertaken through the lends of these shared values:

  1. reducing the stigma associated with substance use disorder and identifying it as a chronic medical condition;
  2. building resilience in individuals across the lifespan;
  3. improving data collection, analysis, and timely communication;
  4. building and maintaining a robust infrastructure capable of supporting the priority activities;
  5. implementing all activities subject to available funding from federal, state, community, and philanthropic sources.

Read the Full Plan Here

Harm Reduction

Maine Access Points (MAP) is a harm reduction organization, providing syringe access services, overdose prevention education and naloxone distribution, peer support, and advocacy throughout rural Maine. We do this through networks of community distribution and collective organizing.

Never Use Alone Mission: To provide a life saving point of contact for people who use drugs. There to help in the event of an overdose. Call (800) 484-3731 or contact them on Facebook.

Portland Overdose Prevention Society

Needlepoint Sanctuary Bangor