2020-21 Maine Ideas Challenge Winners

Phase 1

We were so excited by the creative ideas submitted from undergraduates and graduates across programs for Phase 1! The judges had a difficult time selecting our winners. Here are the ten winners of our $250 award for Phase 1, as well as the projects invited to continue on as runners-up. Multidisciplinary teams will be further developing these winning ideas for the final competition in April.

Morgan Dube, MPA ’22
Pablo De La Guardia Criado, Business, ’21
Matt Harkins, Exercise Science, ’22
Ready, Set, Return –
Ruth Pelletier, Marine Science, ’22Back-Up Buoy
Devin Jozokos, MedBio, ’22Campus Competition
Lydia Farmer, MSOT, ’22Under-desk Fidget Spinner
Hannah Welch, Marine Affairs, ’21
Haley Griffin, Marine Affairs, ’22
Olivia Lauricella, Animal Behavior, ’24
Caralyn Morell, Education, ’22
Molly Cadogan, HWOS and Education, ’22
Portable Organizer
Kelsey Hughes, MSOT, ’22Need-a-Hand
Jacob Todd, Applied Math, ’21OpenPlotter for commercial fishing
Patrick Schena, Business, ’21Tech Goalie Training for hockey
Aimee LeMieux, Education, ’23
Victoria Bowler, HWOS, ’22
Desk-I-Nation ED
Maryam Nahidian, DPT, ’22
Erin Norman, DPT, ’22
Riley Shea, DPT, ’22
Prehabilitation App
Noah Koch, Education/MedBio, ’23, Zoe Henderson, Education, ’22PeerConnect
Sam Michaud, Business, ’21WAVEDash
Phase 1 Maine Ideas Challenge Winners and Runners-Up

Phase 2

The deadline for submission of Final Proposals for Phase 2 is April 11 at 9pm EST. A select number of winning teams will move on to the Grand Prize Pitch Competition on April 20 – to compete for prizes up to $3k. Good luck to all the teams!