Meet the Team

Sophia Crockett-Current (she / her)

Makerspace Coordinator

Sophia is an avid maker with experience in a variety of topics, including sewing, animation, 2D and 3D design, and multiple programming languages. She believes that everyone can benefit from creating things, and is excited to work in a space where students can explore new skills and freely discover their own creativity. In her free time she is often found around a game table, elbow deep in a computer, or out in the woods at a LARP, always with a project close to hand.

Abby Tasca (she / her)

Student Technician

Abby is a junior Marine Biology major with a minor in Marine Affairs. This is her third year at the makerspace and loves to hangout and tinker. She’s a big reader, animal lover, and her favorite thing to do is puzzles with her roommate (they make great dorm decorations)

Kyle Woodruff (he / him)

Teaching Assistant

Kyle is a junior here at UNE as a Secondary Education Major with a concentration in the marine sciences. Although his swimming skills aren’t the best, what lives under the sea has always fascinated him. People often underestimate the powers of the ocean and take it for granted. His passion is to bring more attention to the undersea life and bring conservation strategies to light through education. When Kyle’s around, be prepared for a fun and exciting programs that are shrimply amazing!

Lexi Guignard (they / she)

Student Technician

Lexi is a junior majoring in Environmental Science. They can usually be found crocheting or knitting, anywhere on campus! She loves to be out in the sun, or if it’s too hot, staying inside playing Zelda and enjoying a matcha latte.

Milo Lypps (he / him)

Student Technician / Teaching Assistant

Milo is a senior in marine biology with a environmental studies minor. He spends his time thinking of crabs, working with crabs and conserving crabs and other crustaceans. He thinks that everyone can play their part in conservation! He looks at life with a multimedia approach and is eager to help you in the Makerspace