Get Involved

We need you! The P.D. Merrill Makerspace is a hub for creative problem-solving, and we are being asked to design solutions for all sorts of challenges. It doesn’t matter what your major is – if you’re curious about any of these problems or want to form a team around a new challenge – email our student lead, Hannah Welch at, or head to our Getting Started page today!

Challenges that need student help

ChallengeBrief Description
Fly a droneWe have several students who have been trained on drone flying and are FAA-certified, but they are both grad students. Undergrads interested in learning to fly should get in touch!
Mask Design for athletesWork with a team + outside business to design a better mask for athletes.
Mask Design for Sensory ProcessingCurrent mask designs are not working for people with sensory processing challenges. Help design a better solution.
Adaptive deviceHelp patients with ALS with the design of adaptive devices
Salmon monitoringThe Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in the MSC needs to have a system designed and built to alert (via text, call or email) when temperature or dissolved oxygen are detected out of the acceptable range. 
Digital Health appA virtual reality for CNAs so they understand their patients abilities, aches and pains, diminished sensory attributes.
Medication informationA layperson app that can do a high-level medication reconciliation. 
Straw designImmobile patient with dry mouth – needs a way to get a drink

Current projects

The following is a list of active student projects in the Makerspace.

GPS drifterAndy
RobosealRyan, Hannah
Autonomous boatCalum, Andrew
Algae Sensor FluorescenceCrista
Solar Ocean BuoySara, Olivia
Unity 3D design projectPablo
Fruitfly laserJosh
Drone – GIS labsAndy, Lauren
Coral FluorescenceGrace
Openctd BuoyLauren
Goats Island environmental sensorsPam