Innovation Fellows

This is not your typical job or internship. We are looking for students who are curious, motivated and excited about helping us make change at UNE.

What you get

The opportunity to:
• Learn how to be a changemaker in your field
• Work on real-world problems with students from different disciplines
• Build your resume
• Take inspirational trips with the team
• Co-design the vision for innovation at UNE
• …in ~3 hours/week
• and get paid $1k!

What we get

• A motivated group of students from different disciplines who are excited to learn new skills, experiment and give feedback about what works and what doesn’t.

This is not about punching the clock; it’s about the passion and skills you’ll take away from this program. We piloted this idea last year and students loved the confidence they gained and opportunities that presented themselves after working here. This year, we want to scale up – and we want students from programs across the university to be a part of it!

Got more questions?

Visit our FAQ page here for more information.

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