Job Opportunities – 2022-23

The Office of Innovation and the P.D. Merrill Makerspace is hiring for next year! Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study and students who are not may both apply. We are a creative team and make FUN a priority! We also help students get the skills they need for their future jobs. If you’re interested, send a note to Hannah Welch (Marine Affairs, ’21) at

Makerspace Technical Support Experts (2 positions) (1 filled)
MTS students will play a key role in technology projects related to student research and innovation. Students in this role will be trained in skills that are of great interest to future employers; we’ve seen our graduates go on to work on Antarctic research vessels and at Jackson labs. You could be next! Depending on the project, you might learn to code, solder, design in 2d and 3d and more. No experience required. 10+ hrs a week

Student Engagement Lead (2 positions)
Want to plan fun and creative events? Run the makerspace social media? And help get the word out about all the cool stuff we do? We are looking for two students interested in building engagement and awareness about the Makerspace. One student will be focused on social media and collaborative design projects with the community. Another student will coordinate with makers, artists and other clubs to plan events on and around campus. We will work as a team to get creative and promote making. Students should have demonstrated interest in either social media, marketing, art, making or similar relevant skills and interests. 10 hrs a week

Design Expert (1 position)
What if you could print on metal, glass, wood or acrylic? What if you could design in 2d or 3d and print whatever you created? All of this is possible using the Makerspace laser cutter, Shop Bot and 3d printers – and we are looking for a student to develop expertise in these pieces of equipment. We will provide you the time, mentoring and training to grow your knowledge of these tools, in order to serve the UNE community. As our resident expert, you may help teach labs to other students, develop fun projects, offer open hours and training and support requests from other departments for custom products. We hope you will teach us new things! No experience required, just enthusiasm to learn. 7-10 hrs a week (flexible)

Neuroscience Lead (1 position)
The Makerspace has always supported the Neuroscience faculty in developing workshops, labs and events. We’ve played a key role in the Brain Fair in past years, and also have over $10k in neuroscience equipment. We are looking for a student to get to know this equipment and help us create effective and fun workshops for UNE students and the next Brain Fair. Biosensing, EEG, EKG, controlling machines with your brain?! This stuff is cool and we want to make better use of these kits. Kits come with training videos, and staff can help answer questions you might have so no experience required. 5-10 hrs a week (flexible)