Surplus Materials

Do you have items that your department doesn’t need any longer? Please complete this Surplus Materials Form so that others inside the university can help you find an alternative to waste disposal. The items will be listed below for others to check out. If they are interested, they will contact you directly and you can coordinate the move with them.

Are you looking for office supplies or furniture, but don’t have the budget for it and/or would like to acquire it more sustainably? Please send an email to with a description of your needs that can be posted here.

Materials Up For Grabs!

See any items below that you can find a home for within the university? Use the contact information below to communicate with the current owner and make arrangements for its move.

Office Furniture

Contact Hillary Babbitt at

  1. Kitchen Table (41in diameter) + 4 chairs, light wood
  2. Basic Executive Desk (30in x 66in), includes 2 file drawers
  3. Large Filing Cabinet, 3 drawers (36in x 24in x 41in)
  4. Narrow Cabinet, (24in x 23in x 66in)
  5. Small Conference Table (41in diameter), Heavy
  6. L-Shaped Executive Desk (6ft long, 6ft wide, working surface 30in wide) Includes 2 file drawers

Library Study Carrels:

There are three of these available from the Portland Campus Library. These are available for use at UNE, or could be taken home. Please contact Amanda Leen to coordinate:

Magazine Holders:

The Portland Campus Library currently has MANY of these handy, plastic, magazine holders. If you are interested in them for use on campus or at home, please contact Amanda Leen ( to coordinate pickup.


Pallets are available through the Facilities Department on both campuses. Please contact Nick Labelle ( on the Biddeford Campus, and Robin Wescott ( on the Portland Campus, to make arrangements for pick up.

Corner Desk with Shelf:

Contact Dana Hutchins:

Round Leg Table:

5’L x 30″W top
Contact Dana Hutchins:

Shallow Depth Table:

7 Tables available. 6’L x 20″W

Contact Dana Hutchins:

Tablet Chairs:

7 Tablet Chairs available.

Contact Dana Hutchins:

Wooden Table:

7 Wooden Tables available. 6’L x 30″W.

Contact Dana Hutchins: