Meet the Team

Ronnie Souza

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Ronnie Souza is the Director of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) at the University of New England (UNE), where he is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of comprehensive federal and state regulated environmental health and safety programs and policies for the University. Ronnie is also the Radiation, Biological, and Ergonomics Safety Officer for UNE, Chair of the University-wide Safety Committee as well as a member of the IACUC and IBC committees.

Ronnie has over 46 years of EHS management and consulting experience in Nuclear Medicine, Higher Education,  Biotechnology, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. As Consulting Services Manager for Triumvirate Environmental Life Science/Biotechnology division, Ronnie provided consulting services for hundreds of the Life Science-Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Industrial institutions across New England, the mid-Atlantic, and California. It was in the role of Consulting Services Manager for Triumvirate that Ronnie started working for UNE in 2004. At that time, UNE was looking for someone to fill the vacant Radiation Safety Officer position. Ronnie continued his role as Consulting Radiation Safety Officer until 2011 when he accepted the EHS Directors position at The University of New England.

Alethea Cariddi

Associate Director of Sustainability

Alethea Cariddi is the Associate Director of Sustainability at the University of New England, where she is responsible for monitoring and managing greenhouse gas emissions and the university’s Climate Action Plan, the recycling program, the move to a water bottle-less campus, sustainable transportation alternatives and many other environmental initiatives.  Alethea works closely with the Facilities Management team to improve equipment efficiencies, and implement energy savings measures with lighting retrofits and direct digital control upgrades.  She received her Building Operator Certification from Northwest Energy Efficiency Council in May 2012.  Her pragmatism in addressing costs associated with conservation initiatives and finding creative funding and logistical solutions has been an asset in advocating and winning champions for efficiency improvements and emissions reductions.

Alethea received her Masters of Science in Education from Alfred University in 1998 and currently teaches at the University of New England as an adjunct for the Department of Environmental Science.  She works closely with students in other capacities as well; she manages 10 workstudy students in the Eco-Rep program, developing their peer leadership, event and project management skills.

Alethea owns a small farm in Gray, Maine, where you could find her milking goats, making cheese and yogurt, beekeeping, raising laying hens and weeding an organic garden.

Davis Martinec

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

A North Carolina native, Davis comes to the University of New England as an organic chemist and environmental advocate. An immediate interest in environmental chemistry was sparked when the news broke in 2017 that DuPont had been knowingly poisoning the Cape Fear river with Gen-X(PFAS) in Wilmington, N.C. Now out of the laboratory, Davis enjoys applying his chemistry background to improve science literacy and science communication. Davis enjoys all the activities the four seasons Maine has to offer with his partner Ellie and their cattle dog Fox.

Peter Nagle

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Peter Nagle is an Environmental Health & Safety Specialist at UNE whose responsibilities include hazardous, bio-hazardous and universal waste management along with laboratory safety. He began his career 28 years ago at Triumvirate Environmental in Somerville, MA where he worked as a Lab Pack Chemist traveling to various clients throughout New England to package their hazardous wastes for transportation and disposal. UNE was among the many customers he serviced. When a job opportunity opened up at UNE, he immediately jumped at the opportunity to return to the area he grew up in. Now back in Maine he enjoys the more laid-back life style Maine has to offer.

Meet the Eco-Reps!

Kaleigh Potter


I’m an Environmental Science major with minors in GIS and Economics, and I’m planning to graduate in 2025! I spent this summer working as an intern in the Sustainability Office and I’m so excited to continue to be a part of the team as an Eco-Rep! My favorite campus initiatives are the Edible Campus Initiative and the Rain Garden. I love being able to sit in the sun and enjoy the outdoors by the Rain Garden, but being able to grab a handful of fresh blueberries while walking around campus is also really nice! Outside of the Eco-Reps, I spend my time doing tech and (currently) stage managing for the UNE Players, and love anything to do with art and creativity!

Jolie Grasso


Hi, I’m Jolie! I am a junior studying Marine Biology, and this is my first year as an Eco-Rep. It has been such a fun position to hold so far. My favorite thing about it has been the sense of community it has built both within the Eco-Rep team and all across campus. Behind the scenes exploration of our campus while doing the recycling has shown me that UNE should feel pride surrounding our sustainability program. When I am not rummaging through the recycling bins, I enjoy soaking up some sun at the beach, thrifting, and exploring local businesses.

Cloey Parlapiano

“I’m an environmental science and aquaculture and aquarium science double major planning to graduate in 2025. I love that I really get to know the campus and get involved in things that have to do with our campus and planet as an Eco Rep. My favorite campus sustainability initiative is recycling, which I’ve been doing since freshman year. It feels really rewarding to see firsthand how much we, as a community, are keeping out of landfills. I really like to hike, paint, and do nature photography, which I got to do last spring when I spent the semester in Reykjavík, Iceland. I also pursued these interests while I spent the summer interning at a state park here in Maine and got the chance to live on an island. This semester I will be taking part in the Millennium Fellowship, working to create a SWAP Shop to make our campus more sustainable.”

Alyssa Wallingford

Hi! I’m Alyssa, a Sustainability and Business major, planning to graduate in 2024! I chose this major because I would like to start my own business in the future, and I want to do so in a way that is healthy for both people and the environment. I enjoy being an Eco-Rep because I gain experience in creating and maintaining sustainability efforts in a community. When I am not outside for our campus sustainability initiatives or my own relaxation, I love making art and gardening. Last semester, I enjoyed taking part in the Sustainability Showcase and am looking forward to collaborating in the creation of the UNE SWAP Shop this year!

Miranda Carrabba

I am a Marine Affairs major with Climate Change and Global Studies minors planning to graduate in 2026! As a Marine Affairs major and Climate Change studies minor I am very concerned about the environment, because of this I was looking for a job that aligned with my major. I found the Eco Rep position and it seemed perfect since it is all about sustainability on campus. Last semester my favorite sustainability project was working in the rain garden. I really enjoy being outdoors so working on the rain garden was really nice. All of the gardens on campus that the sustainability office overlooks are great outdoor spaces that I enjoy.

John Kearns

Hello, my name is John.  I am an Environmental Science student at UNE for the class of 2027. I have enjoyed taking on new responsibilities and mainly became an Eco-Rep because I had a good experience in high school with my environmental club and wanted to do the same in college. Since I have been on the team, I have learned about so many sustainable options that the campus has, like its rain garden, free bike-share system, bird houses to create habitat for mosquito control , free public transportation, and so much more. Some of my favorite activities are hiking, camping, and traveling to new places.

Ruth Ellis


I am Ruth, a sophomore environmental science major and an Eco Rep with the Sustainability Office. I love being able to help with sustainable initiatives around campus, such as recycling, public transportation, and planning fun events for Earth Month! I also love to swim in the ocean, go on bike rides down Hills Beach, and watch movies with friends. I am planning to study abroad next year and I cannot wait for all the new adventures that will bring. Being an Eco Rep is a great experience and I love helping the UNE community and our planet!