News and events

March 16, 2020–Fun to be a part of the Portland Press Herald’s article In Maine’s 200 years, man’s impact has altered the animal landscape by Deirdre Fleming.

February 3, 2020–Thanks for Steve Minich and Channel 8 News WMTW for this great piece on our GapTracks Project.

January 30, 2020–Excited to visit the Enclave of Scarborough, Assisted Living Center to talk about the GapTracks project tonight!

January 22, 2020–So proud of Emma White for defending her Master’s thesis today! An investigation into extrapair paternity and juvenile survival in Bobolinks (Dolichonyx oryzivorus)

January 21, 2020–It takes a village to unravel the secrets of the Bobolink. Super fun new collaboration describing variability in migration tactics across Bobolink populations. Renfrew, R.B., M. Cadman, D. Kim, and N.G. Perlut. 2020. Migration strategies of a long-distance migratory songbird across a continental breeding range. In press. Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 131:735-749.

January 13, 2020–Excited about the new, hugely collaborative paper trying to understand the effects of geolocators on small birds.

Brlík, Vojtěch et al. (49 co-authors). 2020. Small effect of geolocators on small birds: a meta-analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias. Journal of Animal Ecology. 89:207–220.

November 16, 2019–Thanks to the Hudson Valley Farm Hub for inviting me to talk at your symposium Perspectives on Farming with Nature at The Ashokan Center. I am excited to join the Farm Hub’s Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative.

November 11, 2019–Fun times at the Waterbird Society Annual meeting the urban gull symposium presenting our collaborative research on roof-top Herring Gulls. The talk was titled: Dispersal and apparent survival by sub-adult Herring Gulls from urban and island colonies in the Gulf of Maine. This work was co-authored by John Anderson, College of the Atlantic, David Bonter, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Sarah Courchesne, Northern Essex Community College, Julie Ellis, University of Pennsylvania, Mary Everett, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Peggy Friar, University of New England.

October 14, 2019–Super excited about a new grant with the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program studying Bobolink movement ecology at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub. Xander Vitarelli (Environmental Science 22′) is joining the lab to coordinate the project.

October 11, 2019–Exciting to be a part of this interesting article in the Portland Press Herald today on two new major models describing both a turbulent future and equally turbulent past 50 years for bird populations.

June 25, 2019–The Burlington Free Press covered our work recently–How Vermonters are working to save the last refuge of grassland birds. Amazing visuals. This story was picked up across the country, including USA Today, The Kansas City Star, US News and World Report, The News and Observer, The Eagle Times, San Antonio Express News, Lexington Herald Leader, Miami Herald, and Associated Press.

June 20, 2019–Great video by the Burlington Free Press on our grassland bird research in Vermont. Article coming soon.

May 28, 2019–Talking grassland birds in the motherland of grassland birds tonight–Shelburne Farms. Details here.

May 19, 2019–Fun little note out today–Latest Documented Fall record of Oporornis agilis (Connecticut Warbler) in North America–published in Northeastern Naturalist.

May 6, 2019–Fantastic article about the GapTracks project in the Portland Press Herald! Thanks Deirdre Fleming!

April 26, 2019–Super excited to be on Maine Public Radio’s Maine Calling show today from 1-2 talking about signs of spring and phenology. Listen to a rebroadcast here.

April 23, 2019–Talking roof-top nesting gulls at the Friends of the Scarborough Marsh lecture series.

April 22, 2019–So proud of Kylee DiMaggio. Her poster, Consequences of Divorce on Reproductive Success of Nesting Grassland Songbirds in Vermont, won a second prize award at the 2019 Northeast Natural History Conference. Woop woop!

April 14, 2019–Fun to be interviewed by the Portland Press Herald for this story on natural adoption by wildlife.