Project Squirrel

Squirrelology: the study of squirrels, particularly gray squirrels in Biddeford, Maine.

Squirrelologists: the people who study gray squirrels, particularly in Biddeford, Maine.

While unquestionably the most commonly seen wild mammal in New England, the gray squirrel is entirely unstudied. How large are their home ranges? Does this differ between sexes or different sized squirrels? How do spatial movements differ in summer and winter? How long do squirrels survive? Do squirrels prefer to build their drays (nests!) inside trees or on branches with leaves? Who knows. So we set forth to answer these and other pressing issues of our time. We catch, measure, ear-tag and radio collar gray squirrels on campus and track them for as long as they live. We collect these data via an amazing GIS app–Collector.

Kady Winsor (ENV Science 2019) tracking radio collared gray squirrels on the Biddeford campus of the University of New England.