Office of Research and Scholarship

Vision: To foster excellence in all scholarly endeavors through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mission: The Office of Research and Scholarship enables and promotes the scholarly activities of the faculty, professional staff and students across all of UNE’s colleges, programs, and disciplines.  These scholarly endeavors create new knowledge, spark creativity and entrepreneurship, and create new approaches to address society’s most vexing challenges. Engaging students in these efforts complements and enriches their education, while advancing the education mission of the university.

The Office of Research and Scholarship enables excellence in research and innovation by:

  • providing infrastructure and training for faculty, professional staff and students that allows them to address important research questions and promotes creativity and entrepreneurship
  • facilitating and enhancing collaborations between UNE researchers, academic, government and industry partners
  • ensuring our policies and programs simultaneously advance a culture of innovation and a culture of ethical compliance
  • fostering an inclusive scholarly environment

Description: The Office of Research and Scholarship develops collaborations across the university and with external partners to expand the scope and impact of UNE scholarly endeavors.  This includes partnering on specific research programs, expanding research opportunities for UNE undergraduate and graduate students and supporting UNE academic units in their scholarly endeavors.  The Office of Research and Scholarship provides leadership in university research strategy as well as research operations. This includes the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Research Integrity. These offices provide administrative support services for extramurally funded research efforts and administers research compliance functions to ensure the highest level of ethical standards in UNE’s research and scholarship activities.  The Office of Research and Scholarship also oversees the HIPAA Office, which provides training and oversight of the HIPAA privacy policies for the university.

Karen L. Houseknecht, PhD