Introducing Garbanzo

The Bobolink Odyssey started a crazy exciting experiment on May 23. We deployed an Argos satellite tag on a male Bobolink, now affectionately known as ‘Garbanzo’, breeding on one of our study fields. This tag allows us to follow his real time movements. We know a lot about this bird. We banded him as a chick in 2016 and he returned to breed in 2017 very close to where he hatched. We caught him again in 2018, and gave him a geolocator to track his migration. We recaptured him again on May, 23 2019, recovered the geolocator (data soon!). Here are pictures of Garbanzo with the satellite tag and a map of his movements between May 23 and June 3. On June 1 he took a three mile flight south and returned the same day. What kind of tomfoolery was he up to then?

Garbanzo's movements between May 23 and June 3.  Each point is within 500 m of his actual position.
Garbanzo’s movements between May 23-June 3. He was within 500 m of each point at any given time.