Psychology and Neuroscience students present at virtual international psychology conference

Clockwise from left: Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour, Ph.D., Nicole Martin (Psychology, ’21), Grace Bernatchez (Psychology, ’21), and Aubrey Sahouria (Neuroscience, ’22).

RCC research assistants at the University of New England — Nicole Martin (Psychology, ’21), Grace Bernatchez (Psychology, ’21), and Aubrey Sahouria (Neuroscience, ’22) — and their faculty mentor, Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour, Ph.D., associate professor and assistant academic director in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, recently presented their research at the Psychonomic Society, a global society for the experimental study of cognition.

The society, comprised of more than 4,300 scientists, hosts an annual meeting for researchers to come together and discuss topics including the application of cognitive psychology to health, technology, and education. This year’s event was held virtually on Nov. 20.

Martin, Bernatchez, Sahouria, and Stiegler-Balfour presented a research project about the adoption of e-readers for younger and older adults.

The project, completed with the help of a grant awarded to Stiegler-Balfour from UNE’s Center for Excellence in Aging and Health, worked with both college students and adults over the age of 60. The two groups’ perceptions of e-readers and personal characteristics were examined, with specific regard to how these factors impacted the individuals’ performance when utilizing e-readers.

“I was thrilled by the opportunity to present this project at such a well-known symposium,” Martin said. “While it was an adjustment to present online instead of in person, it has been so exciting to be able to stay involved in the greater psychology world.”

The group’s presentation can be viewed here: