How to Get Your Lab Ready for Summer Break

Congratulations to the Class of 2023! With the end of spring semester classes near, many of us are getting ready for summer break and well-earned vacations. If you’re wrapping up research or pausing work, the following information may be applicable to your lab or research space. UNE is committed to providing both a safe and sustainable work environment. You can help us meet our commitment to safety.

Waste – Do you have any old electronics like lab equipment or old computer parts? What about old light bulbs or batteries? You can request to have universal waste retrieved so it can be recycled or safely disposed. If your space has any chemical or hazardous waste, please call EHS so we can collect it. If you have an SAA and will not be using it over the summer, contact Peter Nagle, EHS Specialist, to close the SAA. Remember: SAA’s must be inspected and initialed weekly!

Equipment – The end semester is a great time for a little housekeeping. Don’t forget to check freezers and fridges for expired or unneeded chemicals, samples, and materials. Freezers should be regularly defrosted – defrosting can lead to a lot of water, be sure to have a plan and cleanup supplies ready! Emptied or unused fridges and freezers should be cleaned and disinfected. Leaving equipment dirty for the next person is uncool. Don’t be uncool. Unplugging and shutting off unused equipment during breaks saves enormous amounts of energy. Help reduce UNE’s carbon impact!

Contact Info– Is EHS able to contact you in case of an emergency in your space? Are coworkers or employees able to? These are good questions to have answered before leaving for a break or sabbatical. Make sure EHS contact cards have accurate information, including cell phone and email. This only takes a few moments and could potentially save lives or avert a disaster. Meet with your coworkers and create an emergency preparedness plan for anyone who might conduct work alone in the lab or during atypical hours while you’re away.

Have a question about Sustainability? Reach out to the Sustainability Office! Want to report a safety concern? Contact the Safety & Sustainability team!

EHS Director: Ronnie Souza  | | 207-602-2488

Associate Director of Sustainability: Alethea Cariddi | | 207-602-2507

EHS Specialist: Peter Nagle | | 207-602-2791

EHS Specialist: Davis Martinec | | 207-602-2046