How To Resources

This page offers a collection of quick links and tips to support UNE Site Managers in maintaining a compelling, successful site.

Request a Site

In order to request a WordPress site, the Site Publisher must be a current UNE faculty or professional staff member with a valid email and interest in research or academic pursuits. Students with a UNE email address may also be assigned by the Site Publisher to contribute to the site as an approved Site Editor.

Sites can be requested online via the University WordPress Site Request Form. The Office of Communications will review and process site requests in the order they are received.

University WordPress Sites

Office of Communications
716 Stevens Ave
Portland, Maine 04103

(207) 221-4376

Accessing Your Site

Upon approval of your site request, the Office of Communications will set up your site and grant you access. All WordPress Site Publishers will be responsible for posting content to their website.

Content Development Training

Helpful, user-friendly guides to using WordPress are available at

Help for Technical Difficulties

If you run into any technical difficulties (e.g., you notice errors on a web page) while editing your website, please contact the Office of Communications via this support request form. On that form you will need to include a description of the error, the URL of the page the error occurs on, and a screenshot of the web page.

Requesting a Site Editor

As the publisher of your WordPress site, you may grant editor access to others as long as they possess a valid UNE email address.

Requesting a Site URL
  • Your site URL (E.g., should be similar to the title of your site and should not exceed 80 characters.
  • The URL and site title must indicate the research, scholarship, or academic purpose of the site. Prior to approving sites for development, the Office of Communications will review requests to ensure they follow best practices and do not interfere with other entities at the university.
Directing Others to Your Site

In addition to your site being found via search engines, Site Publishers are encouraged to add a link to their website/blog on their personal profile page. Additionally, it may be appropriate to add a link to the blog within your department subsite. 

Using Images on Your Site

Site Publishers/Editors can use official UNE images stored on Canto, which can be accessed using your U-Online credentials. Use of the WordPress Service is governed by its policies, including its Copyright Policy and Copyright Guidelines.

Using Video on Your Site

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. You can then embed links to those videos on your page.