Site Guidelines

The Office of Communications provides strategic and creative leadership and support for the University of New England across all media and communications platforms. Our mission is to raise awareness for UNE, enhance the University’s reputation, facilitate operations, and foster community in alignment with institutional goals.

The University WordPress Sites (“WordPress Site(s)”) are a platform available to all current faculty members and professional staff (potential “Site Publishers”) as a means of publishing content or websites about their research and academic interests. Sites are not for personal messages, commercial services, or a learning management system and are not to be used as course websites. The Office of Communications may contact Site Publishers to request modification or removal of content that the Office of Communications considers to be duplicative, contrary to content published on the website, or potentially in violation of these guidelines and policies. Department chairs, directors, and supervisors will approve WordPress Sites based on compliance with these Guidelines. Academic liaisons identified by deans and the provost will also work directly with Site Publishers for additional academic support. 

University WordPress Sites are governed by a collective set of Guidelines (“Guidelines”), including these Guidelines herein, a general set of “University WordPress Procedures,” a specific set of “Content Review and Action Procedures,” and a “Service Level Agreement.” These Guidelines are accessible via links on this webpage. University WordPress Sites are also governed by additional UNE policies and handbooks developed by the University of New England (“UNE Policies” or “Policies”), including policies of Human Resources, the Office of Communications (“Communications Policies”), Information Technology Services (“ITS Policies”), and the University Faculty Assembly. Collectively, these “Policies” incorporate best practices in digital strategy and include additional provisions describing content ownership and responsibility, update frequency, and overall site purpose. These Policies are accessible via links throughout these Guidelines. It is the responsibility of each Site Publisher to know and follow the UNE Policies.

Registration as a user (Site Publisher) of the University WordPress service requires verification of comprehension of and agreement to these Guidelines, University WordPress Procedures, and Content Review and Action Procedures, and the Service Level Agreement. Confirmation of comprehension of and agreements to these Guidelines from both the site publisher and the supervisor will be procured as part of the registration process.